Saturday, August 30, 2008

Go Utes Go!!

Cool fabric we found that will soon be a blanket! Go Utes!

It has been a while since I (being David) blogged, as my wife has continually reminded me today, so I should let our fans know what I have been up to. I started school on Monday and was almost immediately overwhelmed. Even though I am only taking 3 classes, each one will demand a good chunk of my time. I am taking Design Workshop (a class about abstract theories on design, pre-req. for the architecture program), Intro to Critical Theory (where I am surrounded by english majors discussing various theorists from around the world and throughout time), and Gender and Contemporary Issues (lots of reading and online classwork). I think the year I took off of school has made me a little lazy, but I am trying to combat that feeling. I know that if I work my tooshie off I should be okay.

Now that we have the Internet in our place (finally!) I will make a more concerted effort to blog about stuff. P.S. U of U is beating Michigan in football! I guess I picked the right school.

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Dad and Mom Mann said...

Nice blog Dave. I love hearing from you too. Now, lets convince Dad he needs too blog on ours too.