Friday, August 29, 2008

Over 70 blogs and still so much to say!

I cannot believe that this month alone I have blogged over 70 times! Wow...

I've been keeping a list of things to blog when I actually got to the computer so forgive me if this is somewhat in list format.

I've already mentioned Carter's reflux but the update is he's spitting up about 4 times a day on the meds as opposed to 4 times each feeding.

He's started this fun little screeching noise that sounds kind of like an injured monkey when ever he wants his binky. On one hand I'm glad he can communicate better and on the other... well let's just say as soon as I hear it I put his binky in.

We've been playing on the floor more while Dave is at school and we like to practice rolling over. Carter will turn to one side and I will help him the rest of the way, then when he is on his tummy he pushes his feet on my hands to scoot across the blanket. It's fun, and now that his reflux is getting better he doesn't mind his tummy so much.

Bed time is going surprisingly well. Last night wasn't the best, but most nights he doesn't even cry. We just swaddle him, feed him, read the scriptures, say a prayer, put him in his crib, sing a song and then leave the room. Usually during the song he just stares at us but it's cute.

Like I said we've been reading the scriptures with Carter. Last Monday night we went to Deseret book and got some kids versions of the Book of Mormom and a bedtime bible book. It's great for us to read because it's a quick overview and it even has pictures!

Dave started school Monday and he is enjoying it. We went to the art store yesterday to get supplies for his design class which seems like it will be very interesting. We will definitely be posting pictures of what he designs.

Our stake offers ASL (american sign language) classes starting in a few weeks and I've decided to take them. I took ASL at the JC but have forgotten a lot of it plus it will be nice (and very hard) to take an hour and a half a week for myself to do something that I'm interested in.

Our bishopric came to our house Wednesday night for a nice chat. They are definitely trying to make us feel welcome and I appreciate that, but it is still difficult to feel like part of this ward. I'm sure once we make friends it will be better.

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Dad and Mom Mann said...

That's a great blog Brook. I love all the pictures too. Keep up the good work. I will be showing your blog to gran and G-pa when I'm up there. I know they will love it.