Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A big day. *UPDATED*

Elder Pierce!!!!

Today was the day Jonathan entered the MTC and unfortunately I didn't get any pictures with my camera but hopefully Karen can e-mail one so I can put one on here. (Thanks Karen!) We did get to see some of our favorite people and celebrate Aden's birthday with them!
Also some exciting news: one of my scrapbook pages made it in the How Fast They Grow gallery on their website!
Now for some pictures!

Carter has finally grown enough to wear real jeans and not his 0-3 month "maternity jeans". These are 3-6 month and they have a button and everything!!!

Dave had to build some models for his design class and I caught him in action!

Me, Carter and Birthday boy Aden
Carter and his future wife Hailey after a long absence.

Already bickering like an old married couple.

Long distance relationships are so hard. Carter didn't want to say goodbye.

Carter fell asleep on the way home from visiting the Pierces and his hood was up so all we saw was a binky and some cheeks!

Past someone's bedtime...

Being silly before going to bed.


Karen said...

Hey we miss you guys already! It was sure fun visiting with you guys even though it was short! Thanks for the blog help!

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