Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've been tagged

Stacey tagged me (don't know why because our stuff will look almost identical!!!! She probably just wanted a picture of the laundry room!!! haha) so here is the randomness required:

Our fridge:

Our toilet:

Our closet:

Our kitchen sink:

My favorite room:

Our laundry room:

Our dream vacation (Me for the food, Dave for the art):

Our kid:

My favorite shoes:

Self portrait:

People I tag:

Joy, Lolly, Raphelle, and Noelle


stacey said...

ROFL! Ok I am seriously laughing over here because I didn't even think that your stuff would look the same when I tagged you. Ah I'm such a dork.

Dad and Mom Mann said...

Okay, Am I supposed to take pictures of the same things you did only in my house? I'm guessing but I need clarification, please.

The Manns said...

Yup. :)