Friday, September 5, 2008

Is Carter a Horcrux?

For all you Harry Potter fans welcome to the inner ponderings of Brook. Yesterday I was thinking... Could Carter be a horcrux? I mean isn't a horcrux an object containing a piece of someone's soul? Well, he definitely contains more than a small piece of mine. Granted, I didn't kill anyone and I'm not magic and as David points out quite often... Harry Potter isn't real... but still. He could be. Just a thought.

We had a very good night and Carter slept about 9 hours straight. He woke up happy, but as most babies do got fussy so we decided to take him on a morning stroll around the duck pond. As we are throwing out our tiny bag of cereal a guy comes with a box of old hamburger buns! It was great to watch and we made sure to stand where they couldn't nip at us. Carter fell asleep and rather than take him out and wake him I decided to blog with him still attached!

Taken approximately 1 minute ago.


Dad and Mom Mann said...

I'm so glad that he and you were able to sleep well last night. I hope it continues. Congrats!! I'm sure he feels better too because of it. Love you!!

stacey said...

haha Babies as horcuxes! Awesome! Tys hates when I say Harry Potter spells in everyday conversations and has to tell me they don't actually work. lol I'm a dork!