Saturday, September 6, 2008

Optimistic thoughts

I love this picture.

Well, I've had my share of bad days here in Utah, but I've decided that from now on whenever I have negative thoughts about Utah I have to create a list of things that are as good or better than living in California. So here's today's list:

  • We are different here. We seem more active and much less lazy (although we still have boxes to unpack.) We even cooked a nice breakfast from scratch this morning. Potatoes, French toast and oranges. Yummy.

  • The duck pond at our complex... ok, our complex in general is way nicer. This also goes with #1 since we've actually gone walking around the pond and we never got out in SR.

  • My favorite duck. The blonde one not the white ones.

  • I'm now making friends!!! AND we are planning on doing all the fun nerdy things there are to do in Utah, starting with the dinosaur museum next week.

  • We have family close by. Even though we were sad to leave our CA family and we miss them very much, we have some really cool family members here that we never really got to see when we lived out there.

  • Against the grain. The gluten free store here makes it much easier for me to do my shopping and I only have to go to 2 stores instead of the 4 in SR.

  • Naartjie. AND our mall is getting a Janie and Jack!

  • Air conditioning.

  • Deseret book. In CA you had to go to Oakland or Sacramento to buy church related things, but here you just have to go a few blocks!

  • The Pico de Gallo salsa here is surprisingly MUCH better than in California. Except every time Jeff comes over he eats it all.

  • Game Night Games. The game store in Sugar house that has so many really cool games. We went last night and got a couple. One is called Ticket to Ride which we had played with Rory and Raphelle last year. We played it with Jeff and Rachelle last night and it was a blast.

  • PF Changs is really close. And so is Ikea.

  • The Park city outlets. MUCH better than Petaluma.

  • Our balcony. Dave's out there doing his homework right now! We never used ours in SR.

Well hopefully that is enough for now. Be expecting these every once in a while. We are still adjusting, but we are starting to get used to it here.

Carter had another long night last night. A long night of SLEEP that is! He went to bed between 8:30 and 9:00 and didn't wake up until about 7:00am. We were very impressed. The poor little guy still has a cough but he's been doing well considering.

Still surviving and having a little fun.


raphelle said...

I have several comments.

First - What a good idea! I should do a list like that when I am hating life in da Bronx. Sometimes it's really hard to be optimistic!

Second - your breakfast looks delicious!!

We are so glad you got Ticket to Ride! Sweet! Let us know what other cool games you get/got.

Also, Rory has the same polo shirt that Jeff is wearing in that picture.

Last- I'm super jealous of the duck pond. I love feeding ducks! Lucky!!

Dad and Mom Mann said...

I love your optimistic thoughts... that's the right way to feel better... count your blessings, it really works. I've used it many times. As you settle in you will find many more things to love about Utah. One is that it's not too far from Cali so friends and family are only a day away. That game looks really fun. I want to play it the next time we are there.