Saturday, September 27, 2008

A full day!!!

Today was a big day. You can all follow along in pictures and with our LONG videos:

We went over to Stacey's house today to try out our new cake pans and give Dave time to study. The babies enjoyed watching Tarzan and are starting to interact with each other so they were good and for the most part let us work. Scarlett even took Carter's binky right out of his mouth! It was pretty funny.

How to make a train:

When we got home Carter scarfed down some pears. He LOVED them and it's a good thing all he was wearing was a diaper and a bib because it was a mess!

And yes, he does use my jeans as a napkin in this video.

Our attempt at a naked shot... It didn't work, but you can see the birthmarks on his back. He really didn't want to cooperate. I wonder why?

Then... HE ROLLED!!!! I didn't even realize that I watched him roll until a few seconds later! He was doing really great until he got a little tired and then every time he would get on his tummy he would make us roll him back over!

And then Carter got to play with his first piece of paper which promptly got taken away when the binky came out and the paper went right into his mouth

And that's pretty much how our day went. It's just about bedtime and I hope that we wore Carter out as much as we wore ourselves out!


Jim and Steph said...

hey crazy blogger. i had discovered some months ago that you had a blog because you had left a comment on lora's page. so i thought i would finally fess up and say hello and that i having been checking you out occassionally. congrats are the little guy. ioliver would gobble him up. i'm glad to see that you and dave are enjoying parenthood and having loads of fun in the slc.

Dad and Mom Mann said...

Brook, your cake is adorable. With the powdered sugar, it looks like winter and the Polar Express already. You will have great fun with that pan. Good investment.
I'm sad the video is so dark...I love watching a baby eat when they are still new at it. The video where Carter is on his stomach is fun. He has the idea of his knees already. He's getting stronger all the time and before you know it...he will be crawling!!

Raphelle said...

Mmmm, cake.