Friday, September 26, 2008

Family day 2

Yesterday family day was not as exciting as last week due to some poor planning on our part. We thought we could get stuff done if we had family day at home, so we planned to start laundry in the morning, rent a movie, pop popcorn and have candy and sodas and stuff. Well the laundry got done and we got movies but we didn't have time to watch anything because we had planned to go to Jeff and Rachelle for dinner and the Office. So we put Carter down for his nap and Dave and I put all of our photos on slide show and just sat and watched that until it was time to go. We had a lot of fun at Jeff and Rachelle's and this season of the Office is going to be awesome!
Just the darks...

So warm...

He is kind of a big deal.

Watching one of his favorite movies "Here come the 1-2-3s"

"The number 2"

Our new Thursday night meal: Pizzas made by the guys.

Thanks for letting me play with your remote Auntie Chelle. Sorry for changing the channel.

I like to look with my hands.

Me and Rachelle stayed up talking until midnight and all the boys fell asleep.

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Dad and Mom Mann said...

What a great day. Thanks for letting me share it. I feel like I'm a part of it and I love it. Carter looks so cute with that ROUND face of his!!