Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family day

We've decided to have a designated family day once a week and today was that day! We had a later start than we were hoping for but we did all the stuff we wanted to with little to no complaining. First we went to my Great grandma Sabine's grave and took her some flowers. Tomorrow is 5 years since she passed away. It was nice to take Carter there and help him to leave flowers too.

Then we went to the zoo. We hadn't gotten to see the white alligator yet and it leaves in a few weeks so we decided not to wait! It was really fun and we plan to go back soon!

Looking at snakes with Daddy

Here he is:

Captivated by the white alligator.

Riding a rhino with Daddy's help




Dave comparing his femur to that of an elephant


Eating his souvenir as always.

Sorry Carter, time to go.

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Dad and Mom Mann said...

These pictures are the best. Carter is adorable in his hat that he wears like his daddy. The expressions on his face are so cute. If you make a scrapbook page with these pictures on it...some with dad and mom as they are great too...I want a copy, please!