Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dino museum!!!!

Today Carter and Scarlett took me and Stacey to the dinosaur museum. It was so cool and we took lots of pictures even though Carter hung with me most of the day.

Notice the mammoth crushing the human in the next picture

Back at the house

Both Carter and Scarlett got these cute safari hats, but Carter's kind of looks like a Chinese hat in these pictures. It's a little big.

In other news: Carter had a few bottles today and did well with them. I nursed him a little and pumped some. He's learning how to hold a bottle as you can see below. Also, I've had people tell me he doesn't look that skinny so I took some pictures of him in his diaper this evening and posted them below. Hopefully I can post pictures in a few weeks of a pudgier little baby.

Those are size one diapers and the tabs are overlapped.


Dad and Mom Mann said...

Them bones look pretty real on them dinosaurs. I thought they were all supposed to be fake, but I guess not. Looks like a fun outing.

stacey said...

I had such a good time today! I did steal a couple. Thanks!