Friday, September 12, 2008

Hogle Zoo!

It's been a busy few days, but when Dave has homework it's best if Carter and I leave for the day. Today was Carter's first trip to the zoo! Stacey and I went with the babies to the Hogle Zoo. We actually both bought couples memberships for the year so that if we are at home and bored we can just go. The babies get in for free until they are 2. Luckily both strollers and both car seats fit in her car. I'm also hoping to go with Dave a few times... if he finishes his homework! We saw lots of cool animals and had a good time. I even saw someone I knew from Santa Rosa (Linda Freebairn.) Of course, as always I took lots of pictures. Please let me know if you get bored with all of my random pictures! I think tomorrow will just be a quiet day at home (especially since my feet and my camera need a rest!)

Caught mid jump...

If you look close you can see a little baby monkey.

Happy to be at the zoo.

The $4 we spent at the gift shop:

2 tired babies!


Becky said...

Hey, it was fun to see you today. Hope the zoo was fun for you! I'm around if you ever want to do anything!

Dad and Mom Mann said...

Cute, cute pictures of my little boy grandson. His smile is so contagious... he makes me smile all the time. He is so photogenic in his wardrobe of hats. He will learn to love the zoo the more he pays attention to all the fascinating animals. How great to have a zoo so close. Love you all!!!

Jeff n' Rachelle said...

When I went to the zoo with my boys (Jeff, Jonny, and Ryan) we had a blast too! p.s. You should put the pics on a slide show.