Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Besides the fact that Dave has a cold, today was pretty good. The only thing that I think could've improved it would be picking up our reserved copy of the 4th season of the Office, but the funds are tight until the bank releases Dave's student loan check so we can't get anything we don't need (However, Dave and I have a very different definition of the word need... but I wasn't about to argue with the sickie.)

We took a walk around the duck pond today with Carter secured in the baby bjorn and we even brought bread for the little guys. Why does it always seem to turn into a scene from the duck version of Jurassic Park when you whip out a loaf of bread? We were seriously surrounded! It did make it a little more fun for Carter because every where he looked there were ducks.

We had a nice short visit from Fauxpa today because he flew in for a meeting in town. He even picked up my favorite for dinner... P.F. Changs! Carter was so happy to see him that he just talked and smiled the whole time he was here. We are glad he comes here often for work! We love you Fauxpa!

Not a recent picture... but one from the night Carter was born of him and Fauxpa.

Tomorrow I am having the first get together of my new mom's group (really I'm just getting together with my new friend and her 10 month old but we are the whole mom's group.) She's coming over and we are going to take a stroll around the pond. We are so lucky to have that so close! Truthfully, what stopped me from going over to Howarth Park so often was that I was too lazy to cross the street! Now I don't have to!

As for right now, Hubby's at school, Baby's asleep and Mommy's got a flourless chocolate dome from P.F. Changs.

I already posted this blog, but I wanted to add that Carter has been a great sleeper the past couple nights. He fell asleep early tonight in my lap and when we reswaddled him and fed him he mostly stayed asleep. I snapped some cute photos because he just looked so tired and I never pass up an opportunity to take pictures of my cute little dooder.

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Dad and Mom Mann said...

Maybe the medicine and being able to be satisfied by what he eats now and not losing it all is helping him sleep. He's not so hungry. Yea!!
Lucky, Luck Fauxpa!!