Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oops I did it again.

I don't know if this is a childhood thing or if I grew into it, but ever since I can remember I get really excited about going somewhere or doing something and then when it finally comes time I find some reason not to do it. Tonight was supposed to be the first of the ASL classes but of course... I'm not going. I just started thinking about how inconvenient it was and how selfish it would be to leave Dave with the baby for an hour and a half when he has so much homework to do and I talked myself out of it. I knew I would. I did however make a compromise... We ordered 2 ASL DVDs. One for adults and a baby signs one. That way I can do it at home while Carter naps and it won't inconvenience anyone. I feel a little better about my flakiness now that I will still be able to learn ASL and at my own speed in my own home.

In other news.. I'm breaking the addiction! I went a FULL 24 hours without blogging!!!! Now, I'm pretty sure this was just a fluke, but it could've been because I was busy yesterday and didn't have time to sit down and blog. What was I doing you ask? I went to a jewelery party for a girl in our ward with Stacey. It was really fun to talk to people in a different setting and try to be more myself. I'm still not all the way there... I feel like so far the only person from church that has seen glimpses of the real me is Stacey, but I'm sure I will have plenty of opportunities to show people that. At the party I got some cool earrings for me and a pair for a self proclaimed "jewelry whore." (Be expecting a package...)

After the party I came home and got my boys and we went to a ward BBQ! Too bad it wasn't for our ward. We went with Jeff and Rachelle and we LOVED it. Their ward is great! We met tons of people and the entire bishopric... Maybe we'll move again... just kidding.

Auntie Chelle gave me a cup to play with and I LOVED it!!!! After that we went back to their place and just hung out. Rachelle even cleaned Carter's belly button! I've been scared to do it because I thought it would start bleeding so I figured since our resident nurse offered I would let her. Thanks Nurse Mann!

Carter continues to be a good little sleeper and he has a doctor's appointment on Tuesday to check on everything. Wish us luck.

Little Thug!

Helping Daddy with homework.

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Dad and Mom Mann said...

I love Carter's hat and shirt. I guess it wasn't too hot there like it was here...over 100 yesterday and Friday.

I'm so glad that you have two wards to mingle with. That's another blessing in Utah, many wards in a very small geographical area. I'm glad that both Mann families are doing things together. It's a blessing for both of you.

Good job with the ASL DVDs. It's a good idea and your accomplishing two things, helping David study and learning something for you and Carter. You can still go to the class when you feel like it but won't be out of the loop cause you're learning at home.