Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ya you shook me ALL NIGHT LONG...

Someone needed a nap!
The sleepy boy looking at his dinosaur

Red droopy eyes (coincidentally mommy and daddy have them too)

I got a Bumbo and now I can sit!

Carter had a very BAD night last night and has apparently caught his daddy's sniffles which I knew was bound to happen. He screamed almost all night and into the morning so I made a doctor's appointment for him. On the way there he was being happy and good so I decided to cancel (they said we would not have to pay) and when he fell asleep in the car I told Dave to just keep driving. He needed a good nap. We drove all the way to Park City and went to the outlets. He slept all the way there, most of the time there and all the way home. He's even taken 2 naps since we've been home. He still isn't happy about being sick, but hopefully he will get better and be able to sleep better tonight.


Dad and Mom Mann said...

That Bumbo looks comfy...i wish they made one for adults!

stacey said...

Glad he's feeling better! (At least enough to sleep!)