Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fauxpa 2!

We had another visit from Fauxpa and this time we got some pictures. We had a lot of fun and we love seeing him so often!

Carter wearing part of his new dragon humidifier.

A little tummy time... It never lasts long.

Being cute and silly.

Ok, Carter does a trick. Only one trick, but it's a good one. He's our little ET. When I stick out my pointer finger he will stick his out and touch it. Sometimes he just uses his one finger and sometimes he uses all of them, this time was somewhere in between.

Lounging in his chair.

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Dad and Mom Mann said...

I love those pictures. I've always loved the movie ET and now I love it even more cause my grandson can imitate it. Too cute!!! Lucky Fauxpa...we are jealous.