Friday, October 3, 2008

Kind of a bust...

We just got home from the OCM reunion and Dave hardly knew anyone. He did see his MTC companion Elder Jenson and we saw Keith but it was a lot of the sister missionaries.
Dave and Brad Jenson

Us with Keith and Katie bond. And no... I'm not nursing Carter.

Me eating the most delicious Chocolate caramel apple... I brought fruit. Glad I couldn't find sliced apples because these would have put me to total shame. I had SO many and I want to go back for more!

Goofing off.


Dad and Mom Mann said...

What about your mission pres. and his wife? Were they there?? I wish there had been a lot of your companions there to make it more fun but I'm glad you went. Maybe next time there will be more. At least you have a OCM blog where you can keep in touch. Thank goodness for blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith Bond said...

I love that you took caramel apple slices home...those were incredible.
It was awesome seeing you guys there!!